Kids Pocket Money 4.0!

Wow! So this is what my blog looked like. I hardly remember it!

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, but the exciting news is that Kids’s Pocket Money 4.0 is up on the Play Store.

Kids Pocket Money

This one now supports tablets and has a whole newly styles interface. Added support for local currency symbols too and debugged a few small bugs that have been, well, bugging me for a while.

If you’re reading this because you bought it, Thank you for your support.

I’m sorry that there isn’t a free version, but I really don’t want to have advertisements that I don’t control taking up space in this app, so it’s at the minimum amount that I can set.


2 thoughts on “Kids Pocket Money 4.0!

  1. Hi there, love the pocket money app. Is it available for ipads? We can’t find it on app store

    We are in Nairne to btw. Appears by your developer address you are too which was brry cool when we discovered it!

    1. Hi Ksenija,
      I’m glad you like the app. I wrote it many years ago when my kids were much younger!
      Glad to see it’s still being used and by a fellow Hills dweller no less.
      We’ve been in Nairne for more than 12 years now and wouldn’t change for anything.

      You may have seen me if you came to the Christmas Carols this year. I was the one singing and doing magic!

      Thanks again.

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