Man sues to remove Chaplains in Australian schools

In response to the this article:

I have posted the following reply:

I trust your suit will cover all forms of religious instruction; Visiting Buddhist Monks should pay their own way, Aboriginal dancers depicting the Dreamtime should also be excluded.

The World English Dictionary defines faith as "strong or unshakeable belief in something, esp without proof or evidence".  I assume then that your action will cover ALL beliefs without proof or evidence. 

Any discussions of the Big Bang or sub-atomic particles are out as they cannot be proven, except by faith in the mathematics that is only really understood by a very small population.

Please tell me that you are filing against Government supporting ALL forms of faith – otherwise it is clear that this is just another case of Christian bashing.  Where’s Paul McDermott when you need him?

If you have a case against a specific Chaplain then by all means, bring it – but please don’t walk into a courtroom and pretend that removing another support system in our schools is going to benefit the community.

I hope they publish it, but if not, here it is.


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